Some Comments on the Prehistoric Representations at Gebel el-Silsila

By Drs. Maria Nilsson and John Ward

Egyptologists Drs. Maria Nilsson and John Ward discuss their ongoing research on mason’s marks and other inscriptions found at Egypt’s Gebel el Silsila. In this instalment Drs. Nilsson and Ward describe the numerous rock inscriptions dating from the epipalaeolithic through to the pre-dynastic and early dynastic periods of Egyptian history.

Keywords: Gebel el Silsila, Rock Art, Egyt, Prehistoric, Epipalaeolithic, Predynastic, Dynastic

The Islands in the Midst of the Great Green Sea: Egypt and the Keftiu

By Dr. Lisa Swart

Egyptologist Dr. Lisa Swart on the subject of the Egyptian relations with the Keftiu (Minoans) of Bronze Age Crete, especially in the light of recent discoveries at Hutwaret (Tel el Dab’a).

Keywords: Egypt, Keftiu, Minoans, Knossos, Crete, Bronze Age, Hyksos, Hutwaret, Trade Networks, Eighteenth Dynasty, Wall Paintings

The Resources of Greece: A Plan for the Development of Greece’s Greatest Resource

By Prof. Stephen G. Miller

Dr. Stephen Miller, professor emeritus of classical archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley and former director of excavations at Nemea, addresses the negative impact the Greek recession has been having on the country’s ancient heritage and proposes a daring ‘recovery plan’ which aims to transform archaeology in Greece into “an income producing venture”.

Keywords: Greece, Heritage, archaeology, Privatisation, Economic Recession

Putting a Positive Spin on Death in Ancient Greece

By Jesse Obert

Classicist Jesse Obert examines the changing attitudes towards mortality and death in ancient Greece.

Keywords: Greece, Classical Archaeology, Athens, Kerameikos, Religion, Ritual, 

Harriet Boyd Hawes: Archaeological Trailblazer

By Dr. Lisa Swart

The life and times of Harriet Boyd Hawes who went on to excavate the Minoan town of Gournia in eastern Crete during the early twentieth century. 

Keywords: Bronze Age, Crete, Minoans, Harriet Boyd Hawes, Biography

The Land of Fire: Diving in the Phlegraean Fields

By Kair L. Keller

An introduction to Italy’s Campi Flegrei, a submerged archaeological park located in the bay of Naples.

Keywords: Classical Archaeology, Italy, Naples, Magna Graecia, Phlegraean Fields, Baiae, Cumae, Portus Julius  


Some Reflections on how Silk Entered Europe BCE

By Sascha Mauel

This article explores the archaeological evidence relating to the silk trade between China and Europe before the Common Era.

Keywords: Asia, China, Kazakhstan, Scythians, Silk, Textiles, Classical Archaeology, Europe  

Newly Discovered Rock-Art Sites in the Kaimur Range of Bihar

By Sachin Kr. Tiwary

An archaeological survey undertaken by the author between 2007 and 2013 which identifies some newly discovered rock-art sites in Bihar’s Kaimur Range.

Asia, India, Bihar, Kaimur Range, Rock-Art, Archaeology  

A Lesson in Dinosaur Parenting: How Dinosaurs Raised Their Young

By Tristan Stock

In this article Tristan Stock describes the fossil evidence relating to dinosaur parenting

Keywords: Palaeontology, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Birds, Reptiles


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